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Australian Expeditions

Kimberley & Southern Itineraries






PONANT recently announced the Australian Suite Sale - an exciting Suite Sale on four 2021 Australian Expeditions. Melbourne to Fremantle on 27 March 2021, and three Kimberley Expeditions in August and September.

Kimberley expeditions
The ship will take you along one of the most spectacular coasts in the entire region. With their falls, abrupt gorges, savannah, and calm waters, the wild lands of Kimberley are the promise of an exceptional adventure.

In one of the most picturesque parts of the region, the Hunter River, you will see wild mangrove forests where saltwater crocodiles live along with many species of birds.

Other highlights include the King George River and the majestic Twin Falls, the highest single drop waterfall in Western Australia.

You will also visit Collier Bay, where you will be able to admire a spectacular example of the impact of the tides cascading in mini-waterfalls as the entire Montgomery reef appears to rise from the turquoise-blue waters of the bay.

Southern Australia expedition
You’ll embark in Melbourne before setting sail for Tasmania. In Bass Strait, you’ll reach the magnificent wild coasts of King Island bordered by white sandy beaches, green pastures and granite rocks.

Your port of call at Beauty Point will be the occasion to discover the natural riches of the Tamar Valley, edged with fertile hills and wine estates.

You will then admire the vastness of the landscapes on the south coast of Australia, whose turquoise waters are home to many fishes and shellfishes, essential products in the rich local gastronomy. It is also the opportunity to dive into the rich past of this region explored by Europeans back at the beginning of the 17th century, before disembarking in Fremantle, a bohemian little town with rich architectural heritage.

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*Conditions apply. Subject to availability.


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